Chris Edwards

Assemblyman Edwards was born in Sleepy Hollow, NY.  He is the eighth of ten children born to the same parents who were married for 55 years.  If you guessed his is a Catholic family, you are right.

Chris’ family served in the military for generations.  His grandfather served in the Army in World War I, his father served in the Navy during World War II and Korea, and two brothers served in the Air Force. Chris served in the Navy since 1987 (active duty and Reserve) and made five deployments including a Presidential Recall in support of Kosovo and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He served as the Chief of Staff for Navy Region SW Asia which led to a multi-year job supporting troops at expeditionary bases in Africa and the Middle East including two years as a Strategic Planner in East Africa.

Chris graduated from Notre Dame with a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and the George Washington University with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. He worked as a Program Manager for the Secretary of the Air Force for five years in the Pentagon gaining invaluable hands-on experience with federal budgeting, contracting, policy development, program management and training. Chris knows how to make government run right. He later became the Chief of Staff for the Director of Parks and Recreation in Washington, D.C. before moving to Las Vegas in 2002.